Three Ingredients for a Great Relationship

By a Relationship Expert & Therapist. Everything you need to create your dream relationship!

Do you...

  • Feel frustrated because your relationship isn’t turning out to be what you expected or hoped for?

  • Feel like there’s something missing?

  • Feel like you keep hitting the same ruts in your relationship?

  • Feel like all those self-help books don’t make a difference in your own life?

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You deserve an amazing relationship!

The Recipe to Take Your Relationship to the Next Level!


Imagine being in a relationship where both people bring their best, and can be counted on to be there, no matter what.


Imagine a relationship where you’re on the same team and you are each other’s biggest cheerleader.


Imagine speaking and feeling like your partner truly hears and understands you.

The relationship you always wanted is within your reach!

Don’t you deserve a relationship that makes you feel fulfilled and happy? That’s right! You do!

Meet Your Seminar Leader

About Jonathan

Relationship Expert & Therapist

Hi, I’m Jonathan Yatsky. It’s funny, because I always knew I’d end up here. Ever since the age of 7, people have sought me out for advice and help with the things going on in their lives. And you know what? I have a knack for being able to hear what people want, and then helping them create that change in their own lives and relationships. I was often asked to help people plan dates, give “boyfriend lessons,” and even help set friends up with potential partners because they knew I could help them create the relationship they always wanted. And now, I’m here to do that for you. I truly believe that everyone has within themselves the answers they seek. My job is to help you uncover those answers and support you on your journey! You don’t have to go it alone! Think of me like your bridge: I help take you from feeling stuck and frustrated to feeling fulfilled and capable. I teach from experience, not from a pedestal. I live what I teach every day! With my Masters in Counseling Psychology, training in conflict mediation, and 20+ years of transformational coaching experience, I know how to give you the actionable tools and down-to-earth advice that will make a difference for you. So let’s get started! I can’t wait to meet you.

Seminar Modules

  • 1

    Welcome to the Seminar & Your Recipe for Success!

    • Hey! It's nice to meet you!

    • How to get the MOST out of your Seminar

    • Let's get to know you a little!

    • Let's get to know your partner!

  • 2

    Ingredient #1 - Showing Up For Each Other

    • Introduction - Let's Get Started!

    • Lesson 1.1 - Showing Up Physically - More than Being a “Body in a Chair”

    • Lesson 1.2 - Showing Up Emotionally - Creating a Space for Safety

    • Lesson 1.3 - Why and When to Show Up - How can you BOTH thrive?

    • Homework & Practice for Ingredient #1

  • 3

    Ingredient #2 - Being Compassionate

    • Introduction - What's Compassion All About?

    • Lesson 2.1 - Building a Compassionate Connection - Creating Understanding & Support

    • Mini Lesson - Energy Vampires & How to Handle Them!

    • Lesson 2.2 - Being a Compassionate Listener - Why Should You & How To!

    • Lesson 2.3 - Creating Compassionate Support - Finding the Right Balance

    • Homework & Practice for Ingredient #2

  • 4

    Ingredient #3 - Communication Superpowers

    • Introduction - Creating Communication Success

    • Lesson 3.1 - Communication Secrets - Listening with New Ears!

    • Mini Lesson - What Does it Mean to Be “Dead Right”?

    • Lesson 3.2 - Speaking Do’s and Don’ts - Keeping Your Foot Out of Your Mouth

    • Mini Lesson - How to Speak So Others Truly Hear You

    • Lesson 3.3 - Communication Tips for Success - Common Pitfalls

    • Lesson 3.4 - Communication Tips for Success - Getting into Action

    • Homework & Practice for Ingredient #3

  • 5

    Bonus - Secret Ingredient #4 (Shhh!)

    • Introduction - What's the Secret?

    • Lesson 4.1 - What Do You Mean, The Beatles Lied?!

    • Lesson 4.2 -The Myth of Perfection

    • Lesson 4.3 - Unconditional Love - What's Up With That?!

    • Lesson 4.4 - Your Relationship Rescue Plan

    • Homework & Practice for Ingredient #4

  • 6

    Icing on the Cake!

    • The eBook: 3 Ingredients for Great Relationships

    • More for you!

  • 7

    What's Cookin'?

    • How was the recipe?

    • Congrats! You did it!

"What you need to have good relationships..."

Stephanie C

"These are great tools for current and future relationships. The tools were clear and easy to understand. I think revisiting them over again would prove useful no matter how much work has been already put into a relationship. I think this has helped with current relationships but more importantly helped lay the foundation for future ones. Good information for communicating well with others and what you need to have good relationships. Jonathan was also really entertaining and fun to watch!"

Advice from a therapist and relationship expert, from the comfort of your own home.

Full price is just $695.

Get tools that will actually work for you. Start feeling more fulfilled in your relationship today!

For less than the cost of couples therapy, you’ll get:

  • 3 main lessons (The 3 Ingredients!), each with 5-8 pre-recorded videos so you can do the Seminar at your own pace!

  • Easy worksheets for each lesson to help you put what you’re learning into practice

  • An interactive Discussion Board where you can comment and ask questions

  • A fun mini-ebook that summarizes the Seminar content

  • Lifetime access to the material!

From A Graduate

"Really important information..."

Miranda W.

“I feel like it is generally known that communication is important in a relationship, but with the internet and friends, it can be unclear what is the healthiest form of communication. This Seminar really helped simplify it and make it easy to understand. I am likely to think a lot harder about why I am reacting the way I am to communication with my partner. The Seminar could be applied to all relationships, not just romantic ones. It was really important information.”

Bonus Content!

  • A Bonus 4th Lesson on a Secret Ingredient (Shhhh! It’s a secret)

  • Personal answers from Jonathan to your questions

  • Extra mini lessons and tools to take your learning to deeper levels

  • Access to any new content added to the Three Ingredients Seminar in the future!

Get the results you're looking for. Get started now!

Full price is just $695


  • Does this seminar have a mobile version?

    Yes, the Seminar may be completed on mobile or desktop devices.

  • How long will it take to complete this seminar?

    This Seminar does not have a time limit for completion. And, since all of the lessons are pre-recorded, you are welcome to set your own pace. We like to recommend that you plan to complete one lesson per week (about 1-1.5 hours of video content) and take time to practice and integrate what you’re learning! At this pace, you would complete the Seminar in about 1 month.

  • I want to do the Seminar with my partner. Do we each need a copy?

    This Seminar is designed to be completed individually or as a couple. You are welcome to share one copy between you and your partner, or you can purchase separate copies if you’d like to work independently. You can choose to watch the video lessons together or separately. However, we do recommend downloading and completing your homework and assignments on your own, and then discussing your insights as a couple. This will offer you lots of opportunities to practice the tools you are learning while having deep conversations and growing your relationship.

  • If my partner is not interested, can I do it on my own?

    You can absolutely do this Seminar on your own! While it is useful for your partner to join you, it is not required. Even if you complete the Seminar on your own, you will get a lot of value and learning from all of the lessons and activities, both for yourself and your relationship. And hey, with all of the amazing changes your partner notices, maybe they will want to see what it’s all about!

  • I am a private person. Do I have to interact or share with other people in this seminar?

    We respect whatever choice you make with regard to your privacy. Most of the Seminar is pre-recorded and designed to be completed at your own pace. The only place where you have the option to participate publicly is the Discussion Board. You are not required to submit your thoughts and questions publicly here, but you may find that you get a lot of value from seeing what other people write and comment on. You are welcome to participate on the Discussion Board as much or as little as you’d like.

  • What type of exercises or assignments does the seminar include?

    This Seminar includes pre-recorded main lesson videos, extra tool videos, downloadable & printable homework pdfs, and other exercises for you to practice in your own life! All of the content is available to you upon purchase, and you can take the Seminar at whatever pace works for you.

  • Do I get to interact with Jonathan? What if I have questions?

    While the sessions are pre-recorded, you will be able to interact with Jonathan during this Seminar by using the Discussion Board. You will be encouraged throughout the Seminar to add your thoughts and questions into the Discussion Board, where Jonathan will often write back to you directly. You are always welcome to contact him or the support staff if you have questions or need support during the Seminar.

  • How long will I have access to the seminar?

    This Seminar is yours! After purchase, you will have lifetime access to all of the content, and access to any new content added in the future. That means you can always come back to review and refresh the tools as you and your relationship evolve.

  • Is there a return policy?

    We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 15 days. Please provide a copy of your completed homework (these are short worksheets provided after each lesson) and answer a brief survey to help us learn why you don't feel this worked for you. We will give you a full refund.

"Well presented and easy to understand..."

Jen S.

“Communication is my weak area, and you offered lots of good practical advice. Our positives far outweigh our negatives as a couple, but that said, there are always cracks that need to be worked on. Communication is a big one for us and hearing some simple but practical advice on how we can improve that, is a terrific help! All the lessons were well presented and easy to understand. The homework gave me lots of food for thought that I will continue to use and work with. Same for the ebook, which is a great addition! I highly recommend this Seminar for anyone who wants to improve their relationship. It’s definitely worth it! “